The Soulbane Stratagem

"The first thing to be said about this novel is that it is a rattling good read..." - The Catholic Times

"rewarding, perhaps even life-changing; a readable, spiritually instructive work which should find a wide market: - The Anniston Star

"a welcome step along a route well defined by C.S. Lewis. I do not think the great Christian author would have been disappointed." - The Oxford Times

"Jetmundsen has an engaging style of writing, spins an engrossing tale, and resolves the plot with finesse...truly exhilarating, a significant contribution to modern day theology." - Birmingham Bar Magazine

"If you have read The Screwtape Letters by C.S. Lewis, you will enjoy meeting Soulbane, a devil of a character." - The Apostle

"Imagine that The Screwtape Letters were not fiction but actual history! All familiar with the current moral state of our society will recognise that these reports do not in the slightest exaggerate our present dilemma." - Touchstone

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NEW: The Soulbane Illusion

An exciting new book. The Soulbane Illusion is the provocative sequel to, The Soulbane Stratagem, which one major bookchain in England lists as one of the "ten... very best Christian fiction titles around"

John Grisham meets C. S. Lewis in this fast-paced novel about the cosmic powers and spiritual forces plotting to take over our future.

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